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Sarken Kennels was founded in 2002, based primarily on the philosophy of soundness, substance, structure, temperament, and function in our dogs.

We started with the best foundation stock that we could find, from both American and Irish bloodlines, and have steadily built on and improved that original foundation through our carefully planned breeding program. We primarily emphasize controlled line breeding of our imported dogs, but include an occasional out-crossing to renew vigor in the lines. The result of this program represents what we believe to be some of the finest Irish Wolfhounds and Cairn Terriers available in America today.

Our Irish Wolfhounds are all genetically sound, well-put-together animals with even temperaments and beautiful conformation. SarKen Kennels' dogs seek to reinforce the Irish's original reasons for developing the Irish Wolfhound - to produce a versatile dog that is equally at home in the house with your children, or in a show in pursuit of a blue ribbon. Obedient and intelligent, as well as loyal and affectionate, Sarken Kennels Wolfhounds are a delight to own and train.

We specialize in the breeding of our Wolfhound and Cairn lines, and have puppies occasionally available. Our Wolfhounds come in gray, brindle, red, black, pure white, and fawn Sarken Kennels specializes in the darker colors. Our Cairns are wheaton to black brindle with dark ears, muzzle and tail tip. All of our puppies are whelped and raised indoors, and are well-socialized with adults, small children, and other dogs. They are all vaccinated and wormed before they go to their new homes. The earliest we will release a new puppy is at eight weeks of age but we do keep some dogs longer to be assured of their temperament before they leave us.

Because of our belief in our breeding program, Sarken Kennels offers an unconditional guarantee against any currently known and discernable genetic defects on all of our dogs. Please see our genetic defects page for full descriptions of the different genetic defects that these breeds can inherit. Additionally, we offer a 30-day general health guarantee from the date of purchase to cover any other non-heritable illnesses. The guarantee is honored through replacement with a similar dog, as soon as one is available.

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