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Most of our puppies are spoken for before birth. We accept deposits to hold a puppy but do not cash deposit checks until after the puppies have arrived. If we have puppies available we send an email to our mailing list.

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Limited Registration puppies (no breeding rights) are $2,000. If you are interested in a fully registered puppy please contact us for prices.

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Below are some of the questions we are regularly asked... if you have any other questions please feel free to email them to us at

Please remember that all puppies and dogs are not the same, they all have their own characters and are shaped by their new parents (you) and your lifestyle. Below are our thoughts and responses to questions that have been asked - if you have any alternative answers or experience please feel free to share them with us and our readers.

Are they good with children?
Excellent! Having said that please be careful with smaller children due to the fact that Wolfhounds are large and can be clumsy - they could easily knock over a small child especially during their "bouncy" stage which occurs between six and 12 months of age.

Are they good with other animals?
Yes and No. Our puppies are raised with cats, chickens, rabbits and ducks and close to goats. Generally they are well behaved but occasionally they will chase a chicken or two. This is not malicious as they only want to play but the chickens tend to feel threatened by them:)

Are they easy to train?
Yes. Our three year old walked our Wolfhounds on a leash and had no problems. They are excellent at housetraining and are very intelligent. When you purchase your puppy we will give you fact sheets on crate and paper training to aid you.

Do they like water?
Like any breed of dog, all Irish Wolfhounds are different - some will like water and some won't! If your lifestyle centers around water then we recommend that you make sure your puppy has plenty of time to become acclimated to it before he/she is fully grown.

What should I feed my puppy?
A large breed puppy food. We recommend "Purina One Large Breed Puppy Food", as it helps the puppies to grow at a steady pace. We have heard of others feeding cheaper varieties and their puppy has been unable to walk because of the sudden growth spurt. They need this special diet for a MINIMUM of twelve months - preferably till they are 18 months of age.

How much will my puppy eat?
At age three months your puppy will be eating approximately 7 - 9 lbs of dry food per week. A full grown Wolfhound will eat 20-25 lbs of food each week. These amounts vary depending on several factors - two of the main ones would be the weather and the amount of exercise. Generally a wolfhound will eat more during the colder months than they will during the summer.

How big will my grown Wolfhound be?
Males are larger than females and can be anywhere from 100 lbs to 165 lbs in weight. They may stand anywhere from 30" to 36" to the shoulder. AKC guidelines state a minimum of 32 inches and 120 pounds for a male and 30 inches and 105 pounds for females once they reach 18 months of age. Please click here for more information on the AKC breed standard.

How much room do they need for exercise?
Wolfhounds are great as inside dogs as long as they have two to three regular walks each day. They like to run and can get up to speeds of 45 mph but should be kept in a fenced area due to their hunting nature. Generally, when walking, your Wolfhound will stay close to you whether on a leash or not but there is always the chance of something catching his or her eye and then taking off so a leash is always recommended.

How soon can he/she come home with me?
If you are collecting your puppy he or she may leave home anytime between seven and 12 weeks of age as long as they are fully weaned. Each litter is different due to size, Mother, growth and weaning - as they get close to six weeks of age we will be able to give you an approximate date for collection.

What shots will my puppy have / need?
We give all of our puppies their first set of shots. You will need to make an appointment with your vet to adinister the second shots - due at nine weeks of age and one more set at 12 weeks which will include a rabies vaccination. Each State has different regulations and guidelines so please speak to your vet. For more information on vaccinations please click here.

How do I pay for my puppy?
When you have chosen your puppy we ask for a non-refundable deposit which can be paid by personal check, USPS money order or by using a credit card through PayPal. The balance should be paid when the pups reach six weeks of age, or can be paid for in cash on the day of collection.

Do you ship?
We prefer to have puppies collected from our home so that we can meet and answer any questions that you have not already asked. We realize that sometimes this is impossible due to life and commitments. If you need to have your puppy shipped or transported by ground please let us know as soon as possible.

Is transport included?
No. If you would like us to arrange for delivery of your new family member we can discuss options with you.

Are they good guard dogs?
No. They are however good as a deterrent as people fear their size but they do not tend to bark when strangers come to the door. They are very loyal to family members and you will always feel safe with a Wolfhound at your side.

Do they bark a lot?
No - but when they do it is very deep and loud. They tend to howl and bark at the same time so if you have more than one it can get rather noisy.

What should I name my puppy?
We leave the naming of your puppy entirely up to you. We do, however, recommend a two syllable name (i.e. Bobby instead of Bob). The reason for this is that most commands used for dogs are single syllable words e.g. "sit", 'stay", "leave", etc., and it is easier for your dog to recognize a two syllable name as belonging to him or her.

Will my puppy be microchipped?
Yes. We microchip all of our Irish Wolfhound puppies at the same time as they receive their first shots. We use the AVID microchip system and you will receive all the paperwork to register your puppy. Registration is a one time $17.50 fee (as of 2019) per puppy. If you would prefer not to have your puppy microchipped for any reason please let us know.

Do I have to register my puppy with AVID?
No, but we recommend that you do. If your puppy wanders off or is stolen he or she can be identified and returned to you. Animal pounds, rescue centers, police and vets all carry scanners to identify lost animals. If you do not register your puppy then AVID will contact our vets office or us directly until such time as you have provided them with your registration and contact details.

Will my puppy have AKC paperwork?
Yes. All of our puppies are registered within a week of birth and will have their transfer papers before they leave us. The majority of our puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration - this means no breeding or showing rights. If you require a fully registered puppy please let us know in advance.

Do I have to register my puppy with AKC?
No, but we would recommend it. You have up to one year to register your puppy before a penalty is charged. The longer you leave it the more you will pay. As of 2019 AKC are offering 30 days of free healthcare insurance.

What happens if my puppy "doesn't work out"?
We will always take back a puppy or help you to find a new home for him or her. If you have any problems whatsoever, please contact us immediately. Our Sales Contract clearly states that if you cannot keep your Irish Wolfhound - regardless of age - you are to contact us and we will collect him or her and either keep him or her or rehome in a suitable location.