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Female Irish Wolfhounds

Sarkens Athena - Silver Brindle - whelped: 01/30/2017

Sarkens Circe - Black Brindle - whelped: 01/30/2017

Sarkens Red Dana - Red - whelped: 06/30/2009

Sarkens Hera - Red Brindle - whelped: 01/30/2017

Sarkens Thalia - Black - whelped: 01/30/2017

Sarkens Maia - Red Wheaten - whelped: 10/03/2013

Sarkens Serena - Silver Wheaten Brindle - whelped: 08/06/14

Male Irish Wolfhounds

Sarken's Tolkien - silver brindle - whelped: 06/08/2011 - Stud Services Offered

Sarken's Emerus - grey - whelped: 04/04/2014

Irish Wolfhound Puppies

Our puppies growing up

Pictures of Us at Sarken Kennels

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