Here are some of the comments that have been made to us.... if you need references please contact us and we will provide email addresses for you.

We have been meaning to give you an update on the beautiful puppy that we picked up from you in January. Her name is Nola and she is doing very well. She is one of the few dogs that I have ever seen that is excited to go to the veterinarian. She does learn very quickly and this seems to be a boon to her now that she has surpassed table height. For as big as she is, she is amazingly stealthy. So far items that have been nabbed(and destroyed) are hard boiled eggs, pet brush and a magazines though she will go for shoes so we are careful not to leave them accessible. Really not too bad. She hasn't been too destructive to her stuffed animals except for her giant lambie- which is totally unstuffed. This she likes to toss around in the air. She is gifted at anticipating what she should do without being asked. If it is feeding time, she sits and patiently waits for her food to be ready and for the 'okay' signal to be given. She knows how to shake paws and will do so unbidden if there are any treats to be had.

I took Zipper to the Vet. yesterday and all looks good! She is growing fast and has made friends with my other dogs and cat. She loves playing with my grandkids and they love her, too. Thanks again for everything!

Thank you so much!! You have no idea if we could get a pup out of that litter!! If not, oh well , put me in for the next one!! But I will probably take you up on the offer of coming down & hanging with the hounds !!! You are an angel Sarah!! Plain & simple!!! You rock!!!

Duncan has graduated from two classes of puppy obedience school. He does reasonably well…but he is very bright and gets bored. Trainer thinks he would make a good therapy dog…he has the right temperament. He's also an obnoxious teenager that shows his dominance by trying to hump other males whenever he gets a chance. He is a very playful and friendly puppy who loves his morning and afternoon walks - about an hour - and loves to stop into the nearby fire station to get belly rubs and Milk Bone biscuits from the firemen.

Winnie is fantastic. She is an amazing dog with just an incredible personality. Growing steady and seems very healthy in the two general vet exams she's had so far. She was introduced to our wild Oregon Coast this weekend and loved it -- seems made for the cold, salty, wind-blown place. She and our border terrier, Teppy, are fantastic friends too --they are so cute together. She's surrounded by lots of kids on a daily basis and never waivers with them and is always trustworthy with them and friendly. She is great with other dogs, too.

We are more in love with having two Wolfhounds than ever. Griffen is approaching a year and is 36" at the shoulders, weighs 125 and goes everywhere with me. He quite literally was invited into my bank last week - as they are used to seeing him in the drive thru. So I parked and in we went…. Quinn also comes to work with me everyday - and the two love each other. He goes "most everywhere" with Griffen and me - but not totally everywhere. The bank isn't ready for both of them at once. They do go to PetSmart every Sunday together and are often complimented over how well behaved they are in public. Just wish they were that calm in my office… Take care - and hope all is well. Thank you again for having such wonderful bloodlines - they are the kindest dogs imaginable.

She the sweetest baby ever!! We are all smitten At her 8 week check up she weighed 17 lbs. At 9 week weigh in she was 20.. Tomorrow she is due for her 10 week check up and shots. We started her on HW prevention at 8 weeks but have heard bad things about Trifexis. Our vet is coming to the house tomorrow so we will be switching. She very much enjoys the grain free food plus raw added in some. She knows "sit", "stay", "come" and "down". Thank you again for our sweet baby girl.

Biscuit - Wow, She sounds like the perfect puppy. I'm very glad to hear that she was born inside the house and is used to being on her own at night. Thank you so much for all the attention to detail. We are most impressed with your method of paper training. I've heard this breed of dog is really smart. Thanks again for the beautiful little girl. She is such a cute bundle of energy. I honestly don't believe I have ever had such an easy first night with a new puppy. You really did a great job preparing her for the transition. Thanks for all your suggestions. I also really appreciated the material you sent home with us. This experience has been the best I've ever had when getting a new pup.
Beth, CA

I couldn't be happier with my puppy! Sarah you're a great breeder and a great person. You did everything perfectly as far as I'm concerned! Fallon is great! I took her by the vets today for her 2nd round of shots - she weighs 21 lbs now and is 9.5 weeks old. Amazing! I'm very pleased and everyone that has met her loves her. The vets are awed and in love with her too. Thank you!

Keavy - I want to thank you so much for all the updates and how you work with your customers and puppies. I think it is great how you send weekly pictures as well as posting them on the net for friends, family and potential customers to enjoy.
Dianne, BC

I am happy to endorse Sarken Kennels. Having met Sarah when I arrived to pick up Seamus I was struck by how peaceful her home and kennel operation are. All of her dogs are happy and very well mannered. These are real "salt of the earth" people that have a profound love for Irish Wolfhounds and all of their animals. Thank you Sarah - we are over the moon with Seamus.
Nancy - AZ

That is great!!! Please keep us updated as we had a big let down today. We had a puppy sold out from underneath us this afternoon. I am so glad that you guys give updates and keep your potential owners informed. Thanks so much for the update. Will do the same. Looking forward to pictures so I can awww and ohhhh! So, big thanks to you guys. Look forward to hearing from soonest.
Joy & David

Our experience has been great, Oscar is doing really well and is a beautiful dog.
Krista & Ian

Aenghus - I could not be happier with Aenghus, (IW pup) Sarah. He is perfect in every way. You're doing a great job and producing quality pups. I am happy to be used as a referral.
Meg, ME

Ronan is an absolute joy. He has been great with my two cats and has settled in well. I credit this to the exposure he received at a very early age. The puppy packet I received was very helpful and I know I will get a quick response to any email I send.
Jason & Lisa

Chief - Finally! Breeders of quality IW that appear to be normal people! I enjoyed your website and your friendliness. I would happily refer others to you. Thanks for everything! I enjoyed your website and your friendliness. I would happily refer others to you. Thanks for everything!
Darla, SD

Ciera is doing great, she is growing like a house. My wife and I are both pleased. Thanks again.

Dillon - You have a very professional process and inspire trust, especially when buying an IW from an out of state breeder. Dillon is doing very well.
Barbara, NY

I couldn't be more happy with the performance of this kennel as a whole. I love how I could "check out" Mama and Papa before deciding on a puppy.
Cassandra, IL

Finn - Thank you very much for the update. It sounds like you have your hands full! We think about Finn all the time and cannot wait to meet him. He is growing so fast! This is our first Irish Wolfhound so any and all information is greatly appreciated. I am confident that he is in the best and most capable hands with you and your family. We looked at multiple breeders and I know Sarken Kennels was the best choice. Our admiration grows with each email. Thanks again. Thank you for everything. Finn is an amazing puppy, and he has already brightened our lives. I would recommend you and your kennel to anyone who wants a puppy.
Sean & Amanda, NM

Great experience. Very helpful in answering all questions and quick to respond.
Wendy, MT

Ralphie - Pup did incredible on the way home. He whined every once in a while, but after he finally found a comfortable position on top of Bryndis, he pretty much slept the whole time. We really thought he'd be up half the night, but Bryndis said he slept all night too. He's really laid back - seems to take all the changes in stride. He has already claimed the center of the bed. It was so nice to meet you and your family.
Thanks again,
Belinda / Bryndis, AL

She is beautiful! Her name is Bedieach (Gaelic for "small")
Meredith, GA

Mojo - My whole experience working with you has been wonderful. A total family experience as it should be when adding a new member to the family. Supportive and inclusive and information a call away. Thank you.
Patty, GA

We named our puppy "Tara's Noble Gentleman Rhett Butler" We are calling him Rhett. He is wonderful. He potty trained very easy and is very loving and smart. Thank you so much...we love him! currently we are going to a puppy class - he is a star!

We are very happy with your professionalism and the way you keep in contact. Thank you again
Eric, TN

Thank you Sarah for giving me back my heart! When I lost my last wolfhound, Dexter, my heart broke. For a year I pined! You patiently helped me through it and introduced me to Grady. I see a little of Dexter in him but he is his own little man! I love my new puppy very, very much. Thank you!

Ravn - This whole experience has been a good one. It was great to get the weekly updtes and Sarah has been wonderful. I have been singing your praises and will refer anyone to your kennels.
Chelay, AZ

It has been a pleasure from first conversation to the present moment. Piette has been a great joy. She is growing physically and in our hearts. Thank you Sarah, for your own gift of being.

Henry - He's an interesting character, and I don't know if it is a trait of the breed, but he is incredibly mellow, and at the same time not at all timid. One of his favorite pastimes is swiping the smaller dogs over the head with his paw as they walk past him, and then pounce on them. It never lasts long though, as he then has to get his beauty sleep.
Well, I will try again tonight to get some pics to you, in the meantime, thanks again for such a wonderful gift, and hats off to your professionalism.
Mike & Mary, CA

Thanks for keeping Maddy a couple of extra weeks. I'm glad we got her. She has made us laugh and look forward to the future. These dogs grow like crazy!!! I love it!

Boris - Sarah felt like a family member and exceeded our expectations as far as the adoption process and level of communication before, and after, the birth of our puppy. We would highly recommend Sarken Kennels and are so pleased with the health and temperament of our pup "Boris".
Chris & Lisa, CA

I think you do a fantastic job. We really enjoyed all the weekly updates, they made us feel like we knew Tinkerbell before we even met her. We picked your kennel because of your website, we liked the fact that the puppies were raised in the house with kids. Tinkerbell is such a sweetheart, we know she was raised by a loving family. She has adjusted well and she loves to go out to the clinic and meet people and beg treats. Our staff love her, they have already put her on our website. Thanks again for all the care and hard work you put into raising the puppies, we know that is why tinkerbell is so special.
Dr Mike DVM & Sue

Maeve - Thank you, Sarah, for the adorable photos and the great update. You are so good at keeping us all in the loop! I am in love, Sarah! Maeve is the cutest puppy I've ever seen. She is just perfectly gorgeous. And I have to tell you, the lady who helped me out with the kennel paid you a very high compliment. She said you were one conscientious and excellent breeder and the way she could tell was by how beautiful Maeve's coat was and how much care you took in selecting her large carrier. There was another pup beside Maeve who was squished into a very small container and could not stand or turn around and the same lady photographed her and was going to report the breeder for inhumane treatment. She said she could tell you were a good person and loved what you did by the way Maeve arrived. I said you treated your pups like children and wouldn't rest until you knew each had arrived safely in their new home.:) And she is such a love....oh, my gosh. I'm crazy about her already. She rode in my lap the whole time home, over one and a half hours. And she fell asleep, then she'd wake, lick my hand, and fall back asleep. We are in heaven. Planning to spend the day at home enjoying her and letting her adjust to everything. But please know all is well and that we couldn't be more pleased with Maeve. She is already fitting in quite nicely.
Chris & Lisa, CA - 2nd pup

I cannot imagine having a better experience in purchasing a pup! The quality of the dogs, the care and the service was beyond what any potential pet owner could expect.
Shale, CA

Boru - Crystal and myself had a lot of business trips near the time Boru was supposed to fly to us. Sarah bent over backwards to accomodate our needs and for this we are truly thankful. Sarah is a genuine breeder that puts the welfare of her pups first. I cannot say anything but good things about Sarken Kennels. Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Mike & Crystal, NC -

Lilly - I am happy with the whole experience and have found the socialization that you did with Lilly to have been excellent.
Patty, AL

Sam - Sam is a great dog and a wonderful addition to our family. He's a confident little fellow who is never intimidated by the size of other dogs. He is also very smart. It took him absolutely no time at all to learn to use the doggy doors and he knew instinctively to potty outside.
One of the neatest things about Sam is that he tries to talk. At first we thought he was growling, but we finally decided that he just has a deep voice. He's so funny when he's "talking" and wagging his tail -- which causes his whole back end to wag.
This is a dog who loves to walk. He could walk all day. And I don't mean a casual stroll! His normal pace is a power-walk for everybody else.
Sam has the standard features of Cairn terriers, so it appears his breeding is very good. He has a wonderful personality and we couldn't be happier with him.
As far as picking Sam out and buying him, you were very helpful by e-mailing all the information and sending pictures of the puppies. The process was very smooth. I would recommend you to others considering the purchase of a Cairn terrier.
Maureen & Bill

Liffey - Hello Sarah, We wanted to send these pics of Liffey taken today. She had her check up with the vet yesterday and all is in good order. She was the star of the veterinary hospital. The doctor who has had experience with Wolfhounds and a UVA graduate thought Liffey was quite beautiful and in excellent condition. Thank you for all your assistance. Best to you.
Kevin - VA

Teddy - My wife and I were very pleased when a local kennel was found raising Cairn Terriers. Upon on contact, I was given informative information about the litter and The Mom and Dad. A short drive brought us to the kennel. The puppies were well cared for and in a very clean environment. We were immmediatley drawn to a Black Brindle. This was the one for us. Sarken Kennels kept us updated on the puppy via email and many pictures were attached showing the growth. A name was selected and he was called by that name at Sarken. We eagerly looked forward to these emails. All questions via phone or email were immediatley answered. At 6 weeks he was ready to come home. He was very healthy and clean. Sarken gave us a large bag of puppy food, collar and food/water bowl. Of great help was the toy he slept with as it had his Mom's and siblings scent. We have been most pleased with our puppy. All paperwork was ready and explained.The chip had been placed in the puppy and the shot record provided. I highly recommend Sarken Kennels.
Byron & Debbie, TN

Thanks for the extra photos, I really appreciate following his progress.
Patty, GA

You are a very honest person, we would definitely buy from you some day, we appreciate your approach. Thanks a lot
Ashish, Mauritius

Makers - Thank you for being so very professional. I've been looking for a while and finaly found a breeder that works for me. You have lots of pictures of the parents and you raise the pups in a diverse environment. I need that since I have a small dog and a cat. Plus your pedigree page is excellent.
Jeremiah, CO

As each puppy leaves our home we provide a folder with all pertinent information. We also include a short questionnaire which we ask you to complete and return to us.
Please find below the responses we have received to date and a big "Thank You" to all of you who have returned them.

Please use numbers from 1 to 5 (with 1 being the lowest) and specify how you would rate the following services:

1      2      3      4      5     
Communication - before puppies were born 100%
Communication - after puppies were born: 100%
Response time to questions via telephone or email: 100%
Quality of information received about your new puppy: 2% 98%
Quantity of information received about your new puppy: 2% 98%
Health of your new puppy: 100%
Average visits to our website per person: 9

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